Update: IPhone 4S disappoints everyone… except for consumers

It seems that the iPhone 4S is selling in record numbers, despite the fact that is is so “disappointing”.

AT&T has reported selling 200,000 units in 12 hours which they say is their best iPhone introduction yet. And if you didn’t order one on October 7, don’t expect to get one on October 14 unless you’re willing to wait at an Apple store. Apple is now reporting a 1-2 week ship date meaning they’ve sold out the initial inventory.

It looks like Apple was making a phone for consumers, not pundits. Probably a good strategy.

Okay, enough fanboyism for now.

Update: Today Apple announced they sold 1,000,000 iPhone 4S’s in the first 24 hours it was for sale. [Source: BGR] This breaks the one day record the iPhone 4 set by selling 600,000 units on its first day. Imagine how many they would have sold if the device wasn’t “disappointing”.


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