Android is now #1 in the US smartphone market

comScore and Nielsen’s quarterly reports about the US smartphone market usually do not come up with the same numbers, but both agree this quarter that Android owns the largest percentage of the US smartphone market. For the first time, Android has passed BlackBerry to take the #1 spot. If trends continue, BlackBerry will fall behind iPhone next quarter.

Nielsen has some interesting statistics about breakdown of handset manufacturers and age demographics of users of the various operating systems.

See comScore and Nielsen.

My Take: This is not surprising at all. In the last quarter, Android owned the high end of the smartphone market on 3 of the 4 major carriers (iPhone on AT&T being the exception) and has a growing presence in the mid and lower end smartphone markets too. RIM’s BlackBerry OS is feeling pretty old compared to Android and iOS and unless they get devices with a radically better user experience out soon they will continue to lose market share.

The next two quarters should be interesting with iPhone available on Verizon. Although iPhone 4 on Verizon doesn’t look like it will make a large difference in the number of iPhone users overall, iPhone 5’s launch this summer should.


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