Verizon’s iPhone 4 Launch

Verizon’s iPhone 4 has launched! So how’ it go?

Sold out!
In less than 24 hours Verizon sold out of iPhone 4’s made available to existing subscribers. Verizon wouldn’t share the actual numbers but said it outsold any other phone ever offered by Verizon.
My Take: I’ll be shocked later, but I would expect it be difficult to get a Verizon iPhone for a while until the initial demand quiets down.

And more orders coming!
Ars reports on a uSamp survey of 700 current AT&T and Verizon smartphone users about the Verizon iPhone. As you would guess, a large number of disgruntled AT&T customers (26%) want to come over to the more reliable network. But more surprising was that 54% of current Verizon smartphone customer also want to switch.
My Take: I think that the sample pool is a bit small to make any conclusions but it does show a trend that is positive for Apple.

How well does it work? Pretty well!
Various tech pundits have gotten early access to the Verizon iPhone 4 and put it through its paces, comparing it to the AT&T flavor. The results are not surprising. The Verizon iPhone does a great job at making phone calls. Very few dropped calls were reported in areas where the AT&T phone is almost unusable (e.g. San Francisco). On the other hand, downloads have been found to be considerably slower on Verizon than AT&T.
My Take: Again, if you’re in a bad AT&T area then switching carriers will be a win. If you’re happy with your AT&T coverage there is no reason to switch.

Ah, the catch!
Verizon just announced that effective on February 3 they will be throttling bandwidth on the top 5% of users. The throttling will remain in effect for the current and following billing periods.
My Take: I can understand that Verizon is trying to prevent the same problem that AT&T is having with a small percentage of users bogging down the network, but I would rather them attack the problem by not offering an unlimited plan and charge high overage fees to discourage such behavior. That way people who need the bandwidth can get it without performance penalty and it will discourage people who do not need it from abusing the system.

In another attempt to keep the bits flowing, Verizon is going to attempt to use more aggressive compression on media going across the network. This means that images and video may be more pixelated on your device than the original source.
My Take: Again, I understand that they are trying to make sure the network keeps running for everyone but I am not happy with them affecting the quality of the media to do so. Are they going to do this for their LTE 4G network also? What good is a fast connection if the quality of the video and images suffer?

See Engadget for details.

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