2011 Predictions

As a bonus, I’m going to stick my neck out and make some predictions about what will happen in the mobile industry in 2011

  1. All high end smartphones will be dual core by the end of 2011 enabling wild new applications.
  2. Apple and Verizon will ship a CDMA based iPhone that will not support LTE.
  3. Starting in the middle of 2011, smartphones from all the major manufacturers will have an NFC chip but there will be few applications for it.
  4. The major Android supporters (Samsung, LG, HTC, Moto) will ship tablets of several sizes.  Along with Apple, they will take the lion’s share of the tablet market leaving RIM and HP far behind.
  5. RIM will announce, but not ship, BlackBerry handsets with an all new OS based on QNX, similar to the PlayBook.
  6. Android will be the dominant smartphone platform (in terms of unit sales) by far.
  7. Windows Phone 7 will gain a following.  HP’s webOS will not.
  8. Android tablets will only succeed if they are made available without carrier commitments.
  9. 4G services (LTE and Wimax) will be most popular on tablets and laptops where battery life is less of a concern.

Come back in a year and see how I did!

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